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Bring manufacturing back onshore

australian cnc metal spinners

Our one-stop metal forming shop is open for business: Is it time to bring your manufacturing back home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks of over-reliance on off shore manufacturing.

But even before COVID-19, local manufacturing was becoming more attractive for many reasons including:

  • Low Australian dollar
  • Moves towards greater automation
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Shorter turnaround
  • Quality and reliability
  • Greater oversight
  • IP security
  • Customer service

At Woodland Metal Spinning, we have been investing in equipment to increase automation including our CNC metal spinners and our horizontal auto sanding machine that enables us to finish small, medium and high volumes with speed and precision. Plus, we have the skills and technology to efficiently transfer designs into production.

With the right design process, we can be competitive with our offshore counterparts. When you bring manufacturing back to our shores, you also help foster a skilled local workforce and a thriving R&D sector, and you reduce your exposure to global disruptions.

To see a sample of the metal forming work that we can produce at Woodland Metal Spinning, visit our Products page.

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