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About Us

Woodland has been delivering customer-focused service since 1937

Woodland Metal Spinning is 100% Australian-owned and operated. Established in 1937, Woodland has maintained its leadership in the metal forming industry through investing in modern equipment and skilled tradespeople. Woodland has one of the most advanced metal forming facilities in Australia.


An industry leader

Woodland Metal Spinning is a leader in the metal forming and metal fabrication industry, combining skilled craftsmanship with modern technology.

Southwest Sydney facility

Woodland Metal Spinning maintains a well-equipped workshop located in the Macarthur region of southwest Sydney in a modern 2000sqm facility.

Technology and tradesmanship

Woodland offers a one-stop metal forming and fabrication shop with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, in-house toolmaking capability, and outstanding workmanship.

German excellence

The centrepiece of the Woodland workshop is the German-manufactured Leifeld CNC metal spinning lathe.

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Leifeld SC-310S

The Leifeld SC-310S can complete multiple operations in one, accurately forming mild steel up to 6mm and stainless steel up to 6mm. The Leifeld is unmatched for precision and quality.


Maintaining traditions while responding to change

In today’s rapidly changing environment, Woodland Metal Spinning adheres to traditional values of customer service, building long-term relationships and supporting customers through the generations, while investing in state-of-the-art technology.

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Woodland produces high quality metal products from cookware and furniture to instruments and machine parts, servicing a range of industries from architecture and design to mining and defence. Whether you have a precision engineering requirement or need a perfect finish or complex shape for your high-end design, Woodland Metal Spinning can help.

Our Team

The Woodland Metal Spinning team has a complement of skilled tradespeople, operations, customer service and business personnel. The business is owned and operated by the Crawford family. David Crawford is managing director and Rod Crawford heads up operations.

David Crawford


Rod Crawford

Director of Operations

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Our clients are infrastructure companies working on major projects – roads, bridges and large commercial buildings – and they have stringen demands around quality. We were looking for a reliable supplier and Woodland Metal Spinning was recommended to us. The first batch they produced for us was perfect and every job since then. We’ve been working with Woodland for many years.”

Managing Director

Machining, fabrication and reverse engineering company servicing the resource and infrastructure sectors.

“Rod and the guys at Woodland have always been able to come up with effective solutions. Woodland has the machinery and the personnel, and they are able to turn around projects within a reasonable timeframe. Rod is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Sales Director

Innovative engineering and manufacturing business.

“We work with Woodland Metal Spinning for the following reasons: they produce quality products, are excellent to deal with and have good lead times.”

Managing Director

Small business committed to manufacturing their unique product in Australia

“We have a long history with Woodland Metal Spinning spanning 38 years, and working with Woodland has always been a joy. The original owners supported us in the development of the tube-spinning machinery that forms the core of our business. More recently, Woodland implemented new spinnings in stainless steel for our state-of-the-art multiuse poles which can house lighting, 4G, 5G, CCTV and environmental monitoring services.”

Managing Director

Specialists in tubular products.

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