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Are you machining from a solid block?

spinning ventilation component on leifeld machine

Are you machining from a solid block when you should be spinning from a disc?

If you’re machining cylindrical products and components from solid blocks or billets, you could be wasting valuable time and resources.

Milling or turning objects from billets involves removing excess material to form the desired shape. Essentially, carving from a block. Metal spinning technology forms the required shape by forming a sheet metal disc against a mandrel. The mandrel and the workpiece are rotated together while rollers on levers press against the material. There is no material loss.

Simple shapes can be formed with a single mandrel and more complex shapes can be formed using multiple mandrels. The workpiece is elongated and shaped to create the specific curves, bulges etc. Workpieces can be spun on air when a narrower section (re-entrant profile) is sought.

Metal spinning is suitable for forming a variety of products including funnels, bowls, HVAC components, light shades and precision parts.

Advantages of metal spinning

  • Very little material waste
  • Suitable for aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel
  • Several operations can be performed in a single set-up
  • Tooling and production costs are comparatively low
  • Objects can be formed from a single workpiece to produce stable, strong seamless parts
  • Material is hardened during the spinning process
  • Suitable for prototyping, small batch sizes, and large production runs

Advanced metal spinning with CNC technology delivers added benefits including fast manufacturing and complete consistency.

At Woodland Metal Spinning we have invested in world-leading CNC metal spinning machinery from the German Leifeld company. Speak to our technical team to determine whether spinning is a suitable process for your metal forming requirements.

Watch the video below to see the metal spinning process in action. Note: The video has been sped up, however, the actual process took just over one minute.

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