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Bring manufacturing back onshore

Our one-stop metal forming shop is open for business: Is it time to bring your manufacturing back home? The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks of over-reliance on off shore manufacturing. But even before COVID-19, local manufacturing was becoming more attractive for many reasons including: Low Australian dollar Moves towards greater automation Reduced freight costs…
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rod crawford woodland metal spinning visits leifeld hq in ahlen germany

Mission to Achieve More From Leifeld Spinning Technology

Woodland Metal Spinning clients to benefit from mission to Leifeld HQ Sydney-based metal forming specialists, Woodland Metal Spinning, recognise the value of technology in delivering high quality products and components which is why they invest in Leifeld spinning machines. Leifeld developed the world’s first CNC-controlled metal spinning machine in 1971 and remains a world-leader in…
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spinning ventilation component on leifeld machine

Are you machining from a solid block?

Are you machining from a solid block when you should be spinning from a disc? If you’re machining cylindrical products and components from solid blocks or billets, you could be wasting valuable time and resources. Milling or turning objects from billets involves removing excess material to form the desired shape. Essentially, carving from a block.…
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leifeld cnc metal spinning machine at woodland metal spinning

Benefits of CNC metal spinning

Woodland Metal Spinning utilises Leifeld spinning technology in the company’s metal forming workshop in Minto in south-west Sydney. Our Leifeld spinning machines are highly versatile in terms of capability, material handling and batch sizes. The state-of-the-art machines deliver high precision metal forming with greater economic efficiency and shorter cycle times than casting, forging or machining.…
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Investing in new equipment to provide better service and lead times

Woodland Metal Spinning has added a new state-of-the-art sanding machine to its well-equipped southwest Sydney workshop, and will take delivery of a third Leifeld CNC metal spinning machine in early 2020. “Investing in equipment ensures we can continue to deliver the level of quality our customers expect, and to the timelines they demand,” said Director…
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