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Woodland Metal Spinning manufactures a wide variety of metal products from precision components to custom lightshades and automotive parts. Below is a sample of some of the products produced through a combination of spinning, machining and finishing.

Donut Extruders

These aluminium donut extruders are a combination of machining and spinning. The machined parts are produced first and are locked in during the spinning process.

Fountain Light

This 3mm spun copper piece is one of six light surrounds for illuminating the El Elamein Memorial Fountain at Kings Cross.

Retro Lightshade

Deep throat spun alumium lightshade. This replica lightshade was produced for the refurblishment of Sydney’s Central Station precinct.

Radioisotope Storage

These radioisotope storage cylinders were produced through a combination of spinning and machining. The cylinders have .2mm-thick walls and a threaded lid.

LED Light Component

Woodland Metal Spinning assisted with the design of these LED light heat sinks. They are made through a combination of machining, spinning, powdercoating and re-machining.

Aluminium Lightshade

The Leifeld CNC spinning machine supports the efficient production of these high quality aluminium lighshades. The spun shades are given an anodised finish.

Truck Brake Drum

Woodland Metal Spinning has the capability ti spin mild steel up to 6mm and aluminium up to 10mm. This brake drum for a truck is spun from 6mm steel.

Pole Caps

These light pole caps were spun on the Leifeld CNC spinning machine from mild steel, and then plated and painted.

XPT Light Surround

Producing these light surrounds for the XPT trains was an exercise in reverse engineering. Woodland produced the mild-steel zinc plated surrounds from a weathered sample.

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