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Investing in new equipment to provide better service and lead times

number 4 linish finish metal spun items

Woodland Metal Spinning has added a new state-of-the-art sanding machine to its well-equipped southwest Sydney workshop, and will take delivery of a third Leifeld CNC metal spinning machine in early 2020.

“Investing in equipment ensures we can continue to deliver the level of quality our customers expect, and to the timelines they demand,” said Director of Operations, Rod Crawford.

What is metal sanding?

The metal sanding process removes any surface pores or irregularities from the formed metal and provides the desired level of brush finish. Metal sanding highlights the metallic quality and form of the finished product.

Rod said, “the new sanding machine is capable of finishing small, medium and high volumes efficiently, with a level of precision that meets our exacting standards.”

The sanding machine uses abrasive belts graduating from a coarse grain to a very fine grain to deliver the optimum surface finish.

“The new machine can finish straight, tapered or curved items,” said Rod. “It can even finish objects with a belly curve and is ideal for cookware and lighting.”

Advantages of the new metal sanding machine:
• Suitable for straight, tapered, pot-bellied and irregular items
• Sands the bottom and interior and exterior walls and lips simultaneously
• Handles workpieces up to 350mm in diameter
• Workpieces are held in place by vacuum suction
• Suitable for metal cookware including bowls, saucepans and jugs, lighting and more


number 4 linish finished metal spun objects

The new sanding machine provided the No 4 linish finish on these stainless-steel drinking fountain and safety bowls

Maintaining an up-to-date workshop

“Woodland Metal Spinning is one of the most advanced metal forming facilities in Australia,” said Rod. “To remain a leader in the industry, we regularly invest in modern equipment like CNC metal spinning machinery.”

Boosting Woodland’s CNC metal spinning capacity

Woodland will add a third Leifeld CNC metal spinning machine to its metal forming workshop next year to support the cost-effective production of spun products including parts, utensils and ornamental items. Spinning offers flexibility and low tooling costs and is commonly used for low- to medium-volume production.

The benefits of metal spinning include:

  • High work rates
  • Relatively low tooling costs
  • Quick changeovers
  • Flexible production
  • Short set-up times
  • Relatively low power consumption

The Leifeld CNC metal spinning will be delivered in early-2020. The new machine will used for light gauge work, approximately 0.5mm to 2.5mm-thick mild steel, whereas the existing machines can handle up to 6mm-thick mild steel with a blank diameter up to 1200mm.

To discuss your next metal forming project, contact Woodland Metal Spinning on (02) 9824 5677.