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Metal Sanding

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Horizontal Auto Outer Sanding Machine

Woodland has invested in new metal sanding technology to provide the finishing touch to our high-quality metal forming work.

The sanding process removes any surface pores or irregularities from the formed objects and provides the desired level of brush finish. With the Horizontal Auto Outer Sanding Machine, we can finish small, medium and high volumes of metal sanding with speed and precision.

The automated metal sanding machine offers the following benefits:

  • Suitable for straight, tapered, pot-bellied and irregular items
  • Sands the bottom and interior and exterior walls and lips simultaneously
  • Handles workpieces up to 350mm in diameter
  • Workpieces are held in place by vacuum suction
  • Suitable for metal cookware including bowls, saucepans and jugs, lighting and more.

Call us on 9824 5677 to discuss your metal sanding requirements. Or complete our online quote request.

metal sanding linish finish

No 4 linish finish on stainless-steel drinking fountain and safety bowls

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