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Laser Cutting Capacity * Mild Steel 12mm * Stainless Steel 4mm * Aluminium 3mm

Anytime you or your company need inexpensive metal components services around Chifley, Woodland Metal Spinning has the capability plus understanding that only a company with nearly 75 years of innovation and experience is really able to offer. This knowledge translates into very good pricing, quality finishes and speed of service directly attributed to very effective production controls perfected over many years.

Sheet Metal Guillotining. jpg In relation to metal components Chifley our team of expert tradesmen and fabricators gain immeasurable satisfaction in delivering top quality workmanship combining the skills of a by-gone era with the current CNC equipment of the present day.

Our fast turnaround facility aided by the fastest and most efficient changeover scheme anywhere in the industry plus quality management procedure supports our clients' demanding lead times and time sensitive deliverables.

Woodland Metal Spinning has highly skilled professionals to provide assistance with all aspects of the design and production for your current or future metal components Chifley project. No matter what your project challenge, we assist our customers in all stages of product development.

Woodland's efficient production capability in conjunction with the latest CNC equipment gives us the ability to provide quality services to the majority of industries, including:

Woodland Metal Spinning pricing policy revolves around offering outstanding value, moreover every time material quality, finished product quality, sea or air-freight charges and lead times are taken into account our cost structure is enormously viable when compared to foreign imports. Each and every customer project is thoroughly assessed on an individual basis. We have dedicated resources whose only job is to provide the very best combination of customer assistance, value and quality finishes.

Talk to a friendly staff member right now to talk about all of your metal components requirements, we cater for both large plus tiny production runs

Core competencies :

  • Air conditioning - inlet venturis
  • Chair / table and stool bases
  • Filtration system components
  • Home brewing accessories, pressure vessels´┐Ż
  • Stainless steel hand rail components

As an industry leader we have built our reputation around the fact that we have a knowledgeable team of terrific tradespeople together with our ability to straightforwardly combine bygone era crafts and skills with the most recent state-of-the-art CNC equipment cementing our position as one of the true innovators in metal components.

By choosing Leifeld of Germany and also Mazak of Japan as the main vendors of all of our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment we have been able to considerably increase all of our outputs, resulting in a reduction of project setup times which is splendid news for current and future customers since this translates into faster job turn around with more competitive pricing.

We struck an agreement with our transport company for sizeable discounts on our rates enabling us to be able to offer low cost shipping to even the remotest regions in Australia.

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