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When you or your company have a need for low-cost reflectors services around Kogarah , Woodland Metal Spinning has the abilities and information that only a company with around 75 years of innovation and experience is really able to offer. That experience translates into low-cost pricing, excellent finishes plus speedy turnaround directly attributed to very effective process methods refined over dozens of years.

Woodland Metal Spinning Factory. jpg On matters relating to reflectors Kogarah our team of very experienced tradesmen gain much satisfaction in providing superior finishes by way of symbiotic union of the age-old skills of yesterday incorporated with the up-to-the-minute technology available nowadays.

Our speedy turnaround option aided through the quickest quick-change scheme anywhere in Australia and best-practice quality management process makes it possible to meet our obligations under our customer service guarantees.

Woodland Metal Spinning has very experienced professionals to provide assistance with all stages of the engineering, design and development for your current or future reflectors Kogarah project. Regardless of the nature of the project challenge, we provide assistance to our customers during all stages of product development.

Woodland's modern production techniques coupled with modern CNC machinery gives us the ability to provide quality services to just about all industries, comprising of:

Woodland Metal Spinning competitive pricing guarantee is founded on offering great value, plus whenever raw material quality, finish quality, import charges and lead times are taken into account our pricing becomes extraordinarily good when compared with Chinese imports. Each and every customer project is carefully assessed on an individual basis. We have dedicated resources whose only job is to provide the most optimal blend of service levels, price and quality.

Contact us today discuss in detail your reflectors requirements, we cater for both massive and small manufacturing runs

Production capability :

  • Agricultural products - hay cutter discs
  • Commercial kitchen appliances
  • Heating - large diameter fire pits, standard wood heater flue works
  • Muffler end caps, transition parts
  • Defence - manufactured components and sub assemblies

Our reputation for outstanding quality and service revolves around our knowledgeable team of excellent people on top of our capacity to effectively incorporate old-time skills and processes with the latest leading-edge production equipment cementing our position as one of the few true leaders in connection with reflectors.

In choosing Leifeld of Germany with Mazak of Japan as preferential vendors of our world class tools our company is able to radically expand all of our outputs, and reduce change over times which is excellent news for potential clientele as this translates into quicker project turn around plus a reduction in job pricing.

We reached a deal with our shipping company for significant cuts to our rates enabling us to be able to make available low cost transport to almost every place in the country.

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