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Whenever you or your company need competitively priced multi-parts aluminium wheels services in Concord, Woodland Metal Spinning has the capacity plus knowledge base which only a business with nearly 75 years of industry leading techniques and modern equipment can really offer. That experience translates into very affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship plus fast turnaround service owing to very effective production methods perfected over countless years.

Sheet Metal Guillotining. jpg On the subject of multi-parts aluminium wheels Concord our team of enthusiastic tradesmen and assistants pride themselves on superior finishes in a merging with the skills of yesteryear with the modern technology available today.

Our swift turnaround option made possible through the most efficient changeover technique anywhere in Australia with best-practice quality control methods makes it possible to consistently meet our obligations under our completion and delivery commitments.

Woodland Metal Spinning has skilled professionals to help (if required) with all stages of the design and production for your current or future multi-parts aluminium wheels Concord undertaking. Regardles of whether it is complex or simple, we look forward to assisting our customers in all stages of development.

Woodland's modern production techniques coupled with the latest high-tech CNC equipment enables us to successfully service a wide range of industry segments, comprising of:

Woodland Metal Spinning pricing policy revolves around providing outstanding value, moreover when metal quality, final finish quality, shipping costs plus delivery guarantees are realistically calculated our cost structure becomes enormously competitive against Chinese imports. Every customer project is thoroughly assessed to ascertain optimal production methods. We proudly offer dedicated resources to provide the best possible mix of customer assistance, cost and quality finishes.

E-mail us right now and let us help you with your multi-parts aluminium wheels requirements, we welcome both massive plus tiny process runs

Manufacturing capability :

  • Agricultural products - mower discs
  • Metal forming - manufactured components
  • Grain sieves / various mesh sizes available in stainless steel
  • Rotational moulds, water tank moulds
  • Ship builders - Australian Government, frigate components

This company's reputation is built around our knowledgeable team of committed tradespeople along with our capacity to straightforwardly integrate bygone era techniques and craftsmanship with up-to-date state-of-the-art machinery making us one of the few true leaders relative to multi-parts aluminium wheels.

By choosing Leifeld of Germany as well as Mazak of Japan as preferential vendors of our state-of-the-art CNC machinery our business is able to considerably increase our output efficiency, resulting in dramatically lower job setup times which is a bonus for our clientele as this results in faster completion times and much more economical pricing.

We negotiated hard with our shipping company for considerable cuts to our rates making it possible for us to offer competitive pricing on shipping to almost anywhere in the country.

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