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If you want the best metal spinners services in Kings Park, Woodland Metal Spinning has the proficiency plus knowledge base which only an organistaion with 75 years of industry leadership can offer. That skill translates into reasonable pricing, superior craftsmanship and rapid turnaround primarily due to efficient production controls developed over many many years.

Products Created By Metal Spinning. jpg On matters relating to metal spinners Kings Park our group of devoted tradesmen and assistants take pride in delivering top-class finishes by way of symbiotic union of the skills of a by-gone era incorporated with the state-of-the-art equipment available today.

Our fast turnaround facility supported by the fastest quick-change system in the industry and quality management systems makes it possible to consistently meet our customer lead times and quality expectations.

Woodland Metal Spinning has highly skilled professionals to aid you in all aspects of the design and development for your current or next metal spinners Kings Park undertaking. Regardles of whether it is complex or simple, we look forward to assisting our clients during all stages of development.

Woodland's highly efficient production processes in conjunction with modern CNC machinery makes it possible for us to fully service just about all industry segments, including:

Woodland Metal Spinning competitive pricing policy revolves around providing excellent value, and whenever raw material quality, finished product quality, transport costs plus delivery guarantees are fully calculated our pricing becomes incredibly inexpensive compared to imported products. All customer projects are carefully assessed on an individual basis. Our dedicated resources offer the best mix of service, cost and accuracy.

Phone us and speak to our friendly staff today to discuss your metal spinners needs, we welcome both massive plus small process runs

Product capability includes :

  • Air compressor - pressure vessel ends
  • Aircraft - fuel tanks
  • Food industry - pizza trays, saucepans
  • Radio signal components, satellite dishes
  • Medical - manufactured components and sub assemblies

Our status as an industry leader is built around our extremely knowledgeable team of exceptional tradesman in conjuction with our capacity to effortlessly integrate old-fashioned skills and expertise with current leading-edge machinery making us one of the true leaders in connection with metal spinners.

When we made the wise choice of electing Leifeld of Germany plus Mazak of Japan as preferential suppliers of all of our state-of-the-art CNC equipment we now have the ability to considerably step up all of our outputs, resulting in a reduction of project setup times which is good news for potential clients as this translates into faster project completion times and much more aggressive pricing.

We negotiated vigorously with our transport company for huge reductions in our rates which in turn permits us to to be able to make available low cost delivery to almost every place in Australia.

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