metal laser cutting Services - Now Available In the North Canberra region

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If you or your business want economically priced metal laser cutting services in and around North Canberra, Woodland Metal Spinning has the expertise plus knowledge base that only an organistaion with around 75 years experience in the industry can offer. That knowledge translates into very good pricing, quality craftsmanship plus rapid turnaround primarily due to well-organised process controls acquired over numerous years.

Sheet Metal Guillotining. jpg On matters relating to metal laser cutting North Canberra our team of experienced tradesmen and assistants take pride in delivering quality results by way of symbiotic union of the age-old techniques of the past with the current CNC machinery available to us these days.

Our speedy turnaround facility aided via the fastest and most efficient quick-change procedure in the country together with very mature quality control processes enabling us to meet and often exceed our customer lead times and demanding deliverables.

Woodland Metal Spinning employs skilled specialists to assist you (if required) in the design and development for any current or future metal laser cutting North Canberra undertaking. No matter what your project challenge, we assist our customers in all prototyping services.

Woodland's streamlined fabrication capacity in conjunction with the latest machine tools enables us to effectively service the full range of industry segments, comprising of:

  • Aviation
  • Defence/Army
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality
Woodland Metal Spinning pricing structure centres around providing excellent value for money, furthermore any time material quality, finished product quality, import charges and delivery times are realistically calculated our cost structure is fantastically inexpensive compared to Chinese imports. Every customer project is thoroughly assessed on an individual basis. Our dedicated resources give the most optimal mix of service, competitive rates and superior finish.

Phone us right now to chat about all of your metal laser cutting requirements, we cater for both huge as well as short manufacturing runs

Product capability includes :

Our reputation is built around our extremely valuable team of wonderful industry professionals in conjuction with our capability to integrate bygone era skills and craftsmanship with up-to-date world class CNC machinery making us one of the true leaders inolved with metal laser cutting.

In choosing Leifeld of Germany and also Mazak of Japan as preferential vendors of our leading-edge tools our business is able to radically improve our production volumes, and reduce change over times which is good news for current and future clients as this results in quicker job turn around with much more competitive pricing.

We negotiated a deal with our freight company for massive volume discounts enabling us to be able to offer competitive pricing on delivery to practically everywhere in the country.

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