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Laser Cutting Capacity * Sheet Size Up To 1220 x 2440mm * Mild Steel Up To 12mm

Whenever you or your company require the best metal fabricating services in Prospect , Woodland Metal Spinning has the capacity and know-how which only a workshop with 75 years of practice can truly offer. This knowledge translates into very economical pricing, quality finishes and fast turnaround service primarily due to very effective production controls perfected over many many years.

Stainless Steel Venturi. jpg In relation to metal fabricating Prospect our team of skilful tradesmen gain much satisfaction in providing top-class results combining the craftsmanship of the past with the modern technology available now.

Our quick turnaround facility aided through the fastest quick-change system anywhere in the industry and quality control process supports our obligations under our completion and delivery commitments.

Woodland Metal Spinning employs industry trained professionals to aid you in all stages of the design and production for your current or next metal fabricating Prospect undertaking. Whether simple or complicated, we assist our customers in all stages of development.

Woodland's modern production techniques coupled with modern equipment gives us the ability to fully service all industry segments, including:

Woodland Metal Spinning pricing strategy revolves around providing great value for money, and any time raw material quality, final finish quality, import charges plus delivery guarantees are taken into account our pricing becomes extremely competitive against imports. All customer projects are rigorously assessed on an individual basis. Our dedicated resources offer the most optimal mix of service, value and accuracy.

Contact us now discuss in detail all of your metal fabricating requirements, we cater for both massive plus tiny production runs

Some of the products we make :

As an industry leader we have built our reputation around our dedicated team of excellent people in addition to our capacity to effortlessly integrate old-time skills and expertise with new world class production equipment making us one of the few true leaders relative to metal fabricating.

By appointing Leifeld of Germany plus Mazak of Japan as preferential vendors of our world class machinery we have been fortunate in being able to considerably enhance our production output, as well as reduce project setup times which is incredible news for both existing and potential clientele because they get much faster job turn around plus more competitive pricing.

We bargained vigorously with our transport provider for massive volume discounts so we can offer cost effective transport to nearly everywhere in Australia.

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