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When you or your business need the very best machining powdered metal parts services in Outback , Woodland Metal Spinning has the capability and understanding which only a firm with nearly 75 years of innovation and experience is really able to offer. That knowledge translates into extremely competitive pricing, superior craftsmanship plus speed of service directly attributed to extremely effective production methods acquired over dozens of years.

Woodland Metal Spinning Factory. jpg When it comes to machining powdered metal parts Outback our team of very experienced tradespeople take pride in delivering quality workmanship with a combination of the age-old techniques of a by-gone era incorporated with the current production equipment available now.

Our fast turnaround facility supported through the most efficient changeover technique in Australia with quality management methods supports our obligations under our customer service guarantees.

Woodland Metal Spinning makes available accomplished specialists to assist you (if required) in the engineering and production for any current or future machining powdered metal parts Outback undertaking. Whether simple or complicated, we provide assistance to our clients at every stage of the development process.

Woodland's streamlined manufacturing capability combined with the latest high-tech tools permits us to effectively service the full range of industries, including:

Woodland Metal Spinning pricing guideline focuses on offering excellent value, moreover once material quality, finish quality, transport costs plus delivery guarantees are taken into account our cost structure is fantastically inexpensive compared to foreign imports. Each and every customer project is rigorously assessed case-by-case instead of a one size fits all basis . Our dedicated resources give the best possible mix of service, value for money and quality finishes.

Talk to one of our dedicated team members right now to talk about your machining powdered metal parts needs, we are capable of both big plus small production runs

We can make :

  • Air compressor - pressure vessel ends
  • Metal forming - manufactured components
  • Filtration system components
  • Race car components, wheel rims, brake ducts, ram tubes
  • Ship builders - Australian Government, frigate components

This company's status as an industry leader is built around our extremely valuable team of exceptional tradesman as well as our capacity to effectively mix old-fashioned techniques and craftsmanship with the most recent state-of-the-art tools cementing our position as one of the genuine leaders in relation to machining powdered metal parts.

By choosing Leifeld of Germany with Mazak of Japan as preferred suppliers of our state-of-the-art tools our business is able to significantly step up our output volumes, as well as slash change over times which is a bonus for both existing and potential clients because they get much faster job completion times and more competitive pricing.

We struck an agreement with our logistics provider for generous cuts to our rates which in turn permits us to to be able to offer cost effective transport to practically everywhere in the country.

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