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If you or your business urgently require the finest machining powdered metal parts services within Geelong, Woodland Metal Spinning has the abilities plus information which only a firm with around 75 years of practice can truly offer. This knowledge translates into very affordable pricing, quality workmanship plus speed of service due to very effective production controls acquired over numerous years.

Stainless Steel Venturi. jpg In relation to machining powdered metal parts Geelong our team of expert tradesmen gain much satisfaction in providing best quality results combining the age-old skills of yesterday with the state-of-the-art machine tools in use now.

Our swift job turnaround facility made possible via the quickest quick-change scheme used anywhere in the industry plus quality management process makes it possible to meet our customer lead times and quality expectations.

Woodland Metal Spinning makes available accomplished professionals to assist you in each stage of the engineering, design and development for any current or future machining powdered metal parts Geelong project. Whether simple or complicated, we provide full support to our clients in all stages of development.

Woodland's modern production facility combined with high-tech high-output equipment enables us to provide quality services to a wide range of industries, including:

Woodland Metal Spinning pricing policy is based on creating excellent value, moreover every time raw material quality, finish quality, shipping costs and delivery guarantees are realistically calculated our pricing becomes exceptionally aggressive against foreign made products. All customer projects are thoroughly assessed case-by-case instead of a one size fits all basis . Our dedicated resources offer the best combination of customer service, value for money and quality finishes.

Phone us and speak to our friendly staff today to talk about all of your machining powdered metal parts requirements, we welcome both huge and also short production runs

Manufacturing capability :

  • Agricultural products - mower discs
  • Metal forming - manufactured components
  • Heating - gas log, spinner fire's
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture, patio heater
  • Engineered - manufactured components and sub assemblies

This company's reputation is built around the fact that we have a team of committed tradesman in conjuction with our ability to effortlessly incorporate bygone era skills and expertise with new world class production equipment making us one of the proven leaders in connection with machining powdered metal parts.

By appointing Leifeld of Germany plus Mazak of Japan as the main vendors of all of our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment we now have the ability to significantly step up our output efficiency, as well as decrease setup times which is remarkable news for our clientele because they get much faster project turn around with much more aggressive pricing.

We negotiated hard with our logistics provider for substantial shipping discounts giving us the ability to provide cost effective shipping to even the remotest regions in the country.

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