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When you or your company require the very best small production run services within Cecil Hills, Woodland Metal Spinning has the abilities and information that only a workshop with 75 years of industry leading techniques and modern equipment can really offer. That know-how translates into reasonable pricing, excellent workmanship and reduced turnaround times due to very effective production controls developed over numerous years.

Range Of Products Produced By Metal Spinning. jpg When it comes to small production run Cecil Hills our team of enthusiastic tradespeople and assistants take pride in delivering superior finishes with an amalgamation of the age-old techniques of yesterday with the up-to-the-minute machinery of the present.

Our speedy job turnaround option supported by the quickest quick-change scheme in the industry with quality control procedure makes it possible to consistently meet our obligations under our customer service guarantees.

Woodland Metal Spinning makes available accomplished specialists to assist you in the engineering, design and development for any current or future small production run Cecil Hills job. Regardless of whether a job is simple or complex, we aid our clientele during all stages of product development.

Woodland's fabrication capability coupled with state of the art machine tools permits us to provide quality services to just about all industry sectors, comprising of:

Woodland Metal Spinning competitive pricing policy focuses on creating exceptional value, furthermore when raw material quality, finish quality, shipping costs plus delivery guarantees are taken into account our pricing becomes very economical against Chinese imports. Each and every customer project is rigorously assessed to ascertain optimal production methods. Our dedicated resources provide the best combination of technical assistance, value for money and quality.

Get in touch with us now and let us help you with any of your small production run requirements, we welcome both large and tiny production runs

Core competencies :

  • Air compressor - pressure vessel ends
  • Dura duct end caps and reducers
  • Food industry - pizza trays, saucepans
  • Home brewing accessories, pressure vessels´┐Ż
  • Medical - manufactured components and sub assemblies

We are proud to say that our status as an industry leader is built around our team of terrific people as well as our capability to integrate old-fashioned skills and expertise with the latest leading-edge machine tools making us one of the genuine leaders relative to small production run.

By appointing Leifeld of Germany and also Mazak of Japan as preferential suppliers of our state-of-the-art CNC machinery our business has been able to dramatically improve all of our productivity, as well as decrease job change over times which is good news for both existing and potential clientele as this converts into much faster project turn around with a reduction in job pricing.

We struck an agreement with our transport provider for significant cuts to our rates enabling us to be able to provide competitive pricing on transport to almost every place in the country.

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