capability -  forming of mild steel up to 8mm thick

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Woodland Metal Spinning was established in 1937 and still proudly services Australian industries.  Based in Sydney NSW, we are 100% Australian owned and operated. Woodlands employ a design engineer, toolmakers, fitter machinists, sheet metal workers, metal spinners and welders. Our highly skilled staff can today offer your company the benefit of our experience and assistance with the production of existing products and future development. We understand our customer’s needs, which include quality workmanship, prompt attention and delivery of product according to scheduled requirements.

What is Metal Spinning?

Metal Spinning is a metal forming process in which sheet metal is formed over a rotating mandrel. It is an ‘age old art’ that has been practiced for centuries. Today’s modern CNC technology has made it possible to produce high volume, close tolerance, concentric metal parts quickly and economically.

The Advantages of Metal Spinning over Stamping and Deep Drawing

CNC technology has allowed metal spinning to become highly competitive with stamping and deep drawing processes. Advantages include:

  • Flexible production
  • Rapid tooling at low cost
  • Tooling modifications
  • Short set-up times
  • Better material yields due to cold-work hardening of materials
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